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Straightforward Advice About Miami Dolphins

One of the best teams in the NFL is the Miami Dolphins. The Miami Dolphin tickets are being sought by football followers and fans alike. The Miami Dolphins have been in a position to establish themselves in the field. With twelve Division titles, two, and five Conference titles back to back Super Bowl wins, finding an not owned Dolphins ticket out there is like finding a needle in a hayrick. This is because Dolphins tickets are considered to be a priced possession of a real football fan. Dolphins ticket holders were treated to the one of the finest games in NFL history when the Miami Dolphins played against the Oakland Raiders in the game that is now celebrated as the Sea of Hands.

The Miami Dolphins appeared three times in succession in the Super Bowl. They are likewise the second team to have won a back to back Super Bowl in 1972 and 1973. Though they lost in the 1974 Super Bowl, the Dolphin ticket holders were in a position to witness a great play from the Dolphins. No wonder people are lining up to get themselves a Dolphins ticket with a performance such as this. Visit this blog to read a related blog post; complete article.

The team made its first Super Bowl appearance following the 1971 season in Super Bowl VI. In 1972, the Dolphins completed the NFL's first and only perfect season culminating in a Super Bowl win, winning all 14 regular season games, Super Bowl, and two playoff games VII. The 1972 Dolphins held the fourth perfect regular season in NFL history. The team also won Super Bowl VIII, becoming the first team to appear in three consecutive Super Bowls, and the second team (first AFL/AFC team) to win back-to-back championships. Miami also appeared in Super Bowl XVII and Super Bowl XIX.

Miami Dolphins: Expanding The Circle

The people behind the team are the rationale for their greatness. For most of their seasons, the dolphins were coached by the most successful head coach in NFL history, Don Shula. Also, the Dolphins have with them six Football Hall of Famers, Larry Csonka, Nick Buoniconti, and Bob Griese to name a few. Because of the great plays these people place on the field, the Dolphin tickets are being consumed by the fans the moment the booths are opened. If you are interested by this topic; make sure you visit; http://www.kiwibox.com/berthaexplores/blog/entry/117415787/cheering-for-the-miami-dolphins.

The dolphins have been playing in the Sun Life Stadium. The Dolphins ticket holders are treated into such a state of the are infrastructure. The price of the Dolphin tickets is nothing in comparison to the great facilities the stadium offers the fans.

Though the Dolphins haven't been performing as good as they used to in the past, people are still lining up to catch their favorite team play. The future of the team looks bright with trainings improving both the offense and defense teams of the Dolphins. Fans are waiting for their favorite team to reclaim their former glory.

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