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Delicious Recipes For The Paleo Diet - Our Update

Very easy Paleo recipes and in fact all kinds of great recipes from snacks to the most delicious desserts. But these two in the tape are two of my favorite easy paleo dessert recipes. It's a delicious banana bread and then a great looking cheesecake (without any cheese!). Since I started my paleo diet it's been a wonderful journey. I went from constant stomach ache to more energy and happiness. I cannot describe how much the paleo diet has changed my life. It's been nothing short of a miracle. In this youtube video I wanted to share with you two of my favorite paleo dessert recipes. These are easy paleo recipes that I absolutely love and can make up a great dessert or just when you need some snack. I make them every time I feel the necessity for some refreshment, almost like my comfort food. The best thing about the paleo diet is that it is a healthy diet. And these recipes are just that, healthy dessert recipes. So in fact they're suitable for everyone, not just the people that do a strict paleo diet, but just for anyone how wants to enjoy some good desserts or snacks that are healthy at the same time.

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